25th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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    Nairobi, Kenya

The 25th CGIAR System Board Meeting was held on 8 December 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya. See agenda and meetings documents below.

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 25th meeting and Agenda Document SB25-01: Agenda as Adopted
• Register of interests declared
• Action list of past agreed actions and status
2. Opening reflections on 2022 and the year ahead from CGIAR’s Executive Managing Director
3. CGIAR’s science and innovation Document SB25-03i: Overview of Regional Integrated Initiatives
• Document SB25-03a: ISDC external independent review
Document SB25-03b: Management response
Resource: CGIAR’s Fragility, Conflict and Migration Proposal 
4. Financial & operational performance Document SB25-04a: AFRC Report
Document SB25-04b: Ethics Policies
Document SB25-04c: CGIAR Three-year Financial Plan (2023 update)
• Document SB25-04d: Provisional Window 1 Budget
5.Resource mobilization SB25-05: IFRM Presentation
6. CGIAR’s operational performance • Document SB25-06a: CGIAR System Organization Staffing summary
• Document SB25-06b: IFA – Version 4
One CGIAR Implementing Arrangement No.1  One CGIAR’ appointments are updated publicly at this Link
7. Board transition and other business