20th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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The 20th CGIAR System Board Meeting will be held on 18 & 19 May 2021, virtually.

See agenda and meetings documents below.

** Indicates internal working documents that will evolve, and will be made publicly available when at a more mature status

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 20th meeting and Agenda SB20-01 – Provisional Agenda
2. CGIAR 2022-24 Investment Plan and Initiatives SB20-02: CGIAR 2022-24 Investment Plan
3. Decision making on CGIAR 2022-24 Investment Plan and Initiatives
4. Operating under Unified Governance SB20-04a: Approach paper on Center Board meetings and membership**

SB20-04b: Presentation – Step-wise approach to authorizing an empowered EMT**

5. More, and pooled, funding for CGIAR SB20-05: Presentation – A strategic look at CGIAR’s pipeline
6. Consent Agenda SB20-06a: System Organization 2020 Annual Financial Statements**

SB20-06b: Terms of Reference and membership of a common Audit, Risk and Finance Committee

7. Any other business No document available

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