1st CGIAR System Management Board Meeting

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    Paris, France

The CGIAR System Management Board held its inaugural meeting on 11 & 13 July in Paris, France. The documents of the meeting are provided below.

Agenda Item 1 Opening of 1st System Management Board Meeting

Doc 1 – Introducing Voting Members

List of Participants

Agenda Item 2 Approval of Agenda; Approval of System Management Board Chair TORAppointment of System Management Board Chair

Doc 2 – Agenda

Doc 3 – TORs for Interim Chair

Doc 4 – Proposed Rules of Procedure

Agenda Item 3 Reflecting on the Transition

Doc 5 – Background Note: Reservations expressed on the transition

Doc 6 – Centers’ Proposal for a Coherent Research Portfolio

Doc 6A – ISPC Portfolio-level Commentary

ISPC Presentation

Agenda Item 4 Closed Session: Selection of the System Organization Executive Director

Doc 7 – Search Firm Report*

Agenda Item 5 Delivering on the System Management Board role of effective governance and oversight

Doc 8A – Preliminary Discussion Items

Doc 8B – Consortium Board Handover Materials

Doc 18 – Initial proposal for working groups

Agenda Item 6 Funding System actions and entities moving forward

Doc 9 – Phase 1 CRP Portfolio Unused Funding as at 31 December 2016

Doc 10 – Funding CGIAR System actions & entities moving forward

Doc 11 – ISPC Briefing Note

Doc 12 – IEA Briefing Note

Agenda Item 7 Formalizing the Transition Arrangements

Doc 13 – Adopting decisions for the System Management Office to assume functions of the Fund Office

Doc 14 – Affirming 2016 Operating Budgets

Doc 15 – Policies

Agenda Item 8 Conference call with Director Generals and Board Chairs: Progressing the CRP2 Portfolio

Doc 16 – CRP2 portfolio approval timetable

CRP leaders Presenation

Agenda Item 9 Linking mechanism for the General Assembly of the Centers and the System Management Board

Doc 17 – Discussion Paper – Linking Mechanism

Agenda Item 10 Closing Remarks

Doc 19 – 1st Meeting Decision Points

* Denotes an in-confidence document with circulation having been restricted to voting Board members