18th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Washington D.C., USA

The 18th CGIAR System Council meeting (SC18) was held in Washington DC, USA on May 11–12, 2023. Associated events took place from Wednesday, May 10. An overview of events and Provisional Agenda are available below, and a link can be found below when a document is available. 

SC18 Meeting – Thursday 11 & Friday 12 May 2023
Agenda Item  Resources
Note: A link will appear when the document is available
1- Meeting opening
2 –Reflections from Prof. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, System Board Chair
3- Spotlight session – CGIAR’s young scientists No advance documents
4- Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA)
5- Assurance and Oversight Committee
6- Strategic Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (SIMEC)
7- Spotlight session – CGIAR’s young scientists No advance documents
8- Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) Background material SC18-08: ISDC 2023 Progress Update, Concept for 2023 ISDC Science Forum, and Concept for ISDC Project on Megatrends & CGIAR Research Portfolio
9- Gender in CGIAR’s Research
10- Governance Discussion
11- CGIAR’s Science and Innovation – 2022 Results and Performance and shaping the future portfolio 
12a- CGIAR’s Regions and Partnerships – Developing and deepening our engagement
12b- ‘Spotlight’ – on Regions and Partnerships No advance documents
13- One CGIAR progress and delivery
14- Next System Council Meeting Location and dates
15- Other Business and Meeting close

Additional background materials

Presentations from Side Events