10th CGIAR System Management Board Meeting

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    Nairobi, Kenya

The CGIAR System Management Board held its tenth meeting on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September 2018.

The predominant focus of the Board’s 10th meeting is to review in detail a draft CGIAR business plan 2019-2021 ahead of its presentation to the System Council’s 7th meeting in Seattle, 15-16 November 2018.

The flow of deliberations of the two days will therefore follow the sequence of the ten action areas in the draft business plan, with the exception of two agenda items on the morning of the second day.


Agenda Item 1Opening of 10th meeting

Agenda Item 2Business Plan: Section 1 – Context SettingStabilization and Change

Agenda Item 3Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 1:  Implement and enhance the current portfolio

Agenda Item 4Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 2: Provide sufficient volume and quality of funding
Agenda Item 5Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 3: Prepare a longer-term plan for continued relevance
Agenda Item 6Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 4: Strengthen program performance management

Agenda Item 7Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 5: Continually improve people management
Agenda Item 8Board Governance Matters

Agenda Item 9CGIAR System Annual Performance Report on 2017

Agenda Item 10Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 6 – Pursue new cross-Center alliances

Agenda Item 11Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 7: Enhance collaboration with delivery partners

Agenda Item 12Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 8: Align and enhance assurance systems

Agenda Item 13Business Plan: Section 2 –System-Level Action 9: Align advisory services into System-level decision-making
Agenda Item 14Business Plan: Section 2 – System-Level Action 10: Collaborate on a shared communication effort
Agenda Item 15Business Plan: Section 3 – Bringing it all together
Agenda Item 16Time for Reflection and Any Other Business