Julianne Biddle

Dr. Julianne Biddle is Lead Researcher, CGIAR Flagship Report. She leads the process of synthesizing CGIAR and partner science to develop a Flagship Report that informs and influences global policy processes in the food systems and development domain. Under her guidance, the Report will arm policymakers, regional institutions, and global decision-makers with the insights, innovations, and data they require to formulate, develop, and negotiate evidence-based policies. 

Previously, Dr. Biddle was Senior Director Multilateral and Government Partnerships for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). In that role she managed ACIAR’s investment in multilateral research initiatives and the support of global and regional public goods through International Agricultural Research Centres (IARCs) and global science collaborations. She represented ACIAR in governance positions for multilateral research initiatives and IARCs, while also leading ACIAR engagement in fora such as G2O, APEC, ASEAN, UN, and FAO. She served as Australia’s Alternate Member of the CGIAR System Council for four years. 

Dr. Biddle holds a PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Genetics from the Australian National University. 

She holds an honorary position with the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland and has over 20 years’ experience in research, management and science communication, with deep expertise in conservation biology, plant-pathogen interactions and plant physiology.