Rethinking Food Markets

Domestic food value chains

Innovation for inclusive and sustainable growth of domestic food value chains

The rapid advance of urbanization, income growth, and foreign investment in low- and middle- income countries present huge employment and income opportunities along domestic food value chains (DFVCs) in these countries. Researchers are focusing on improving participation and profitability of smallholder farms and agrifood SMEs in DFVCs and lowering their environmental footprints by identifying, adapting, and scaling interventions in three areas: (a) innovations to improve logistics and create inclusive business models and value chain contracts; (b) product quality upgrading and food standard certification; (c) improved logistics to reduce food losses; and (d) an enabling policy environment for sustainable development of DFVCs. The goal is to examine the effectiveness and synergies among these DFVC innovations and lower the barriers for small-scale producers and SMEs, including women and youth, to participate in and benefit from them.


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