Livestock and Climate


For millions of families in low- and middle-income countries, keeping livestock is a buffer against climate and other shocks. In addition to their livelihood and nutrition benefits, livestock help communities adapt to climate change and provide important environmental services. At the same time, livestock production is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, particularly heat stress and increased variability in precipitation (both trends and extreme events).  

One of the most important development challenges, therefore, is to provide livestock-dependent communities with the support they need to protect and enhance their animal assets — but without accelerating greenhouse gas emissions or degrading land, water and biodiversity. Greater evidence and research attention into the complex livestock–climate dynamic is needed, while investments in mitigation in target countries needs to be balanced with urgent adaptation objectives.    

To meet this challenge, strategic and well-targeted action research is needed that provides answers to the tough choices and trade-offs as well as “investable” solutions that attract policy attention and climate finance in countries across Africa and Latin America. 


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