Private Partnerships for Impact (PP4I)

Operational since the beginning of 2023, the Private Partnerships for Impact (“PP4I”) is the CGIAR center of expertise for private sector engagement (PSE) and the strategic management of intellectual property, in full compliance with CGIAR’s Intellectual Assets Principles and with the CGIAR Engagement Framework.


  • Catalyze the development of best-in-class strategies, policies, systems, and guidelines to develop and nurture ethical, high-impact and innovative private-sector partnerships focused on impact acceleration.
  • Help CGIAR Centers and Initiatives translate CGIAR science-based solutions into products and services.
  • When appropriate, help CGIAR Centers generate revenue from private sector engagement and invest in new research-for-development projects.
  • Contribute to the development of a new culture of entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation.  

Current portfolio of activities

  • Short-term Invention Extraction projects designed with and for Lead Researchers of CGIAR Centers and Initiatives.
  • In partnership with CGIAR’s Digital & Data Group and with the Portfolio Performance Unit (PPU), development of a simple and efficient tool for mapping intellectual property (IP) assets.
  • On-demand support to CGIAR in IP-related negotiations: in-licensing of key and emerging 3rd party technologies; Linux partnership; out-licensing of CGIAR assets, like the PRMS tool developed by PPU (management of innovation)
  • In partnership with CGIAR’s Legal Services department, development of a best-in-class IP, commercialization and communication policy (IPCC policy) to help build a coherent, innovative, ethical CGIAR Private Sector Engagement activity focused on impact acceleration.  
  • The CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance aims to mainstream sustainable finance across CGIAR, with a strong linkage to Initiatives and Platforms.
  • CGIAR’s Venture Catalyst Community of Practice, launched in December 2023 has championed a number of incubators and accelerators and aims to further develop through internal and external partners.
  • Key partner of the International Innovation Hub (IIH) together with the Montpellier innovation ecosystem.

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