General Assembly of the Centers

The General Assembly of Centers is a forum for CGIAR Research Centers to discuss issues relevant to Centers, including those related to the CGIAR System and CGIAR System Organization, it is therefore an important linking mechanism for the CGIAR System as a whole.

The Centers meet as often as necessary, but at least once in each calendar year as a General Assembly of Centers. The rules of procedure of the General Assembly provide the arrangements to conduct meetings.

Pursuant to the Charter of the CGIAR System Organization, the functions of the General Assembly are:

  • Nominate for election all candidates for members of the System Management Board in accordance with the agreed upon process and criteria
  • Elect the Co-Chairs of the General Assembly of Centers
  • Approve a mechanism based on a proposal from the System Management Board for determining the contribution of each Center to the operating budget of the System Organization
  • Receive the reports of the Chair of the System Management Board and of the Executive Director of the System Organization
  • Consider proposed amendments to the Charter
  • Approve the Center representatives to serve on the System Council

The General Assembly of the CGIAR Centers is Co-Chaired by Nicole Birrell, Convener of the Chairs of the Boards of Trustees and Gareth Johnstone, Convener of the Directors General, for 1 year period from April 2020.

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