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Welcome to the CGIAR Campaign Partner Resource Hub. This page will list all of the resources you will need to help promote CGIAR.

Why is CGIAR campaigning?

Climate change is fueling a global hunger crisis. Levels of hunger and malnutrition stand at record highs. Without urgent action to build resilience to climate change, many more lives and livelihoods will be lost.

Agriculture and food systems – the way we transport, process, trade, store and consume food – must be part of the solution to climate change. The world simply cannot meet the climate and development goals without transforming food systems.

CGIAR is the world’s largest publicly-funded agricultural research network, with 10,000 staff working in over 80 countries with +3,000 partners. For over 50 years, CGIAR has been at the forefront of agricultural research and innovation, uniquely positioning it to tackle the interconnected challenges of climate change and food insecurity:

  • CGIAR’s work on modern crop varieties has reduced infant mortality by a third across the developing world – averting between 3 and 6 million infant deaths each year;
  • Almost half the world’s wheatland is sown with varieties that come from research by CGIAR scientists. 

Today, CGIAR is equipping smallholder farmers around the world with the know-how and innovations they need to produce more and better food with fewer resources, protect natural resources and biodiversity, and adapt to changing and challenging environments.

More investment needed

The Ceres 2030 report identifies the need to double investment in agricultural R&D to help end hunger, double smallholder farmer incomes, and protect natural resources and the environment.

In this context, CGIAR is launching an Investment Case at COP28 as the start of a campaign to raise $4 bn for the next CGIAR research portfolio. The $4bn investment will harness the power of science and innovation to tackle climate change, increase productivity and build more resilient food systems.

For every $1 invested in agricultural research and development, investors see $10 worth of benefits to smallholder farmers, vulnerable communities and ecosystems.

The world needs CGIAR science today more than ever. With science, food systems can transform from being a source of emissions to a sink for carbon, from fueling environmental degradation to supporting regeneration, and from reducing biodiversity to protecting it.

The global community must seize this moment and support critical research and innovation now. Join us in investing in CGIAR research and innovation.

How can you get involved?

The dashboard below lists all of activities and events CGIAR Centers are involved in*. This is centralized system that allows you to see what are our current plans and will give you access to the information that you may use:

  • Identify events and activities to contribute to, support and amplify;
  • Apply to host your own event or organize your own activities to promote the CGIAR campaign and request materials or speakers from the campaign team;
  • Submit results of events and activities you have delivered for the CGIAR campaign.
Campaign Engagement Dashboard

If you wish to apply to host your own event or organize your own activities to promote the CGIAR campaign, please fill this form:

CGIAR Partner Event Submission Form
What communications resources can you access?

Here are links to documents and assets that will be useful for you to promote CGIAR:

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What other resources for market engagement can you access?

Here are resources that will help you engage with current and potential funders of CGIAR:

For more campaign resources, please contact

* CGIAR pledges to ensure that a diverse range of people from a variety of backgrounds, genders, age groups, cultures and abilities are given an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to public discussions, and are evaluated fairly for speaking opportunities at conferences and other professional external and internal events. For information, guidance, and templates visit CGIAR’s Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Panel Pledge.