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Welcome to the CGIAR Campaign Partner Resource Hub. This page will list all of the resources you will need to help promote CGIAR.

What is the CGIAR campaign?

Climate change is the most significant global challenge of our time. Critically, our ability to produce enough food to adequately nourish the planet is under threat. The World Food Programme estimates that last year alone, climate extremes pushed more than 23 million people into severe hunger. Overall, the number of people suffering from acute food insecurity more than doubled between 2019 and 2022, increasing to 345 million in June of last year.

To mitigate the effects of climate change and prepare for the inevitable consequences of a warming planet, we must transform our food and environmental systems to be more sustainable, resilient, and equitable. Investment in agricultural innovation, research and development has never been more important.

As countries grapple with the increasingly pressing threat of climate change, CGIAR  the world’s largest publicly funded agricultural research network  is uniquely placed to support the communities most threatened by our warming planet. With 50 years of experience and a new 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy in place, CGIAR is playing a crucial role in reimagining future food systems that are fit for purpose in a climate crisis while helping smallholder farmers in low- and middle-income countries adapt today.

CGIAR has an ambitious plan to double its annual operating budget from US$ 1B to US$ 2B by 2030 to achieve its vision of a world with sustainable and resilient food, land, and water systems that deliver nourishment and prosperity for all. To deliver on this plan, CGIAR is planning a major resource mobilization effort kicking off at COP28 in late 2023.

How can you get involved?

The dashboard below lists all of activities and events CGIAR Centers are involved in*. This is centralized system that allows you to see what are our current plans and will give you access to the information that you may use:

  • Identify events and activities to contribute to, support and amplify;
  • Apply to host your own event or organize your own activities to promote the CGIAR campaign and request materials from the campaign team;
  • Submit results of events and activities you have delivered for the CGIAR campaign.
Campaign Engagement Dashboard

If you wish to apply to host your own event or organize your own activities to promote the CGIAR campaign, please fill this form:

CGIAR Partner Event Submission Form
What communications resources can you access?

Here are links to documents and assets that will be useful for you to promote CGIAR:

Our main social media channels are:

What other resources for market engagement can you access?

Here are resources that will help you engage with current and potential funders of CGIAR:

For more campaign resources, please contact

* CGIAR pledges to ensure that a diverse range of people from a variety of backgrounds, genders, age groups, cultures and abilities are given an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to public discussions, and are evaluated fairly for speaking opportunities at conferences and other professional external and internal events. For information, guidance, and templates visit CGIAR’s Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Panel Pledge.