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Innovations are new or significantly improved outputs or groups of outputs, including management practices, knowledge or technologies.

A similar number of innovations were reported in 2019 compared to 2018, with a total of 888 quality-assessed innovations (944 in 2018). Most of the 2019 innovations were linked to Central, Southern and East Africa, South and South East Asia and major CGIAR targeted countries such as Mexico (220 innovations), Madagascar (57), Nepal (47), India (43), Kenya (33) and Ethiopia (32). Thirty-one percent of these innovations were available for uptake (for example, a variety released, or a technique ready to scale up), and 7% had been taken up by next users.

Most innovations were genetic material (51% were new or improved varieties and breeds) or related to production systems and management practices (22%); some (11%) were social science findings or approaches. The full database of innovations can be found in the CGIAR Program Results Dashboard.