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In 2019, the Framework for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) in CGIAR’s workplaces was collaboratively developed by a committed cross-System team from its Human Resources Community of Practice, and championed and supported by the CGIAR System Management Board’s Gender Champions.

Grounded in CGIAR’s shared values, and a vision for CGIAR as a truly innovative model employer, and in response to the goal set in CGIAR’s three-year Business Plan (2019-2021), the GDI Framework and accompanying Action Plan (2020-2021) were co-created with CGIAR staff and leadership, including Directors General, Center Board and Audit Committee Chairs, as well as the System Management Board and CGIAR System Council.

The new GDI Framework is aligned with CGIAR’s Risk Management Framework and is supportive of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and all relevant UN and International Labor Organization conventions. The Framework acknowledges the compelling case for gender equity, diversity and inclusion, and its importance to delivering on CGIAR’s critical mission, and confirms CGIAR’s commitment to creating and sustaining diverse and inclusive work cultures and enabling workplaces. 


CGIAR’s shared GDI vision

CGIAR’s workplaces are enabling and inclusive. Diversity in all its dimensions is embraced and every person is supported to reach their full potential, so as to drive the engagement and innovation needed for a world free of poverty, hunger and environmental degradation.


The GDI Framework includes five key principles to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion in CGIAR workplaces: 


  • Principle 1: We commit to fostering diversity and inclusion.  
  • Principle 2: We commit to providing fair, safe and inclusive workplaces.  
  • Principle 3: We commit to raising gender equity, diversity and inclusion awareness and reducing bias, including unconscious bias, in the workplace.  
  • Principle 4: We commit to accountability on workplace gender equity, diversity and inclusion advancement.   
  • Principle 5: We commit to progressing in partnership.  

The accompanying ambitious and substantial GDI Action Plan is built around actioning these five key principles. In addition to providing detailed targets for 2020 and 2021 that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely, the Action Plan also outlines best practice benchmarks to facilitate the measurement of progress in a consistent manner across CGIAR.

In articulating our shared GDI vision and Action Plan, the System begins an important journey together as One CGIAR that will require long-term collaborative effort in order to enable impactful results over time.

By the end of 2019, most CGIAR Research Centers were achieving the target of at least 35% representation of women in professional roles, with some still working toward the target.


Header photo: Access to technology can transform lives in rural India. Photo by ICRISAT.