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The root causes of food insecurity in East Africa

In this interview, climate and food security expert Jim Hansen lays out the root causes of food insecurity in East Africa. He also describes a number of activities currently underway and in the works that will hopefully reduce the region’s vulnerability to severe droughts and other climate shocks.
Jim is the theme leader of CCAFS‘s (The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security) “Adaptation through Managing Climate Risk“.

6 Responses to The root causes of food insecurity in East Africa

  1. Edward Masinde says:

    Its a commentable website that its so educative on Agriculture issues.

  2. Achike, Ifeyinwa Anthonia says:

    An interesting caption! How do I access the detailed interview?

  3. emilly sarah says:

    Its amazing how the above people understand food insecurity. You should have suggested points like Aid, pests and diseases, cash crop dependency, lack of information on what should be done by farmers, limited land and etc than telling people such answers. am sorry but I have feeling you are miss leading students.Thank you.

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