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The role of science in the scramble for natural resources

If we hope to feed the more than nine billion people that are projected to inhabit our planet by 2050, without causing more harm to the environment, science will have to find ways of producing more food using fewer resources.

CGIAR CEO Frank Rijsberman believes that such an increase will probably come from the small-scale farmers currently experiencing low yields in developing countries.  To find out how this might be achieved, read Frank’s opinion piece in the latest edition of the ATSE Focus magazine.

Although the food price spikes in recent years have led to a scramble for natural resources, they have also put food security back at the top of the agenda. We certainly feel that science can help grow more food using less land and less water, thereby limiting our natural resources footprint. CGIAR has a promising agenda that harnesses the potential of science.…”

Read more by downloading the publication.

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