A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

The CGIAR Consortium partners with French agricultural research organizations to address global challenges

Carlos Pérez del Castillo-CGIAR (L) and Bernard Hubert-CRAI (R) sign the Joint statement between the two organisations

On the occasion of the Intergovernmental Conference of the G20 on Agricultural Research for Development, held in Montpellier on 12 and 13 September 2011, the Committee on International Agricultural Research (CRAI)* and the CGIAR Consortium signed a joint declaration of intent.

With this declaration, French agriculture research organizations and the CGIAR Consortium aim to better coordinate their efforts in order to meet global challenges such as poverty reduction, food security and the management of natural resources. Their coordination will include developing innovative solutions and designing knowledge systems to enable small farmers to cope with difficulties such as market uncertainties and climate change.

CIRAD, which facilitated the reaching of the agreement with a number of other French research institutes and the leadership of the CGIAR Consortium, will develop a joint action plan in the coming months.

* The Committee on International Agricultural Research (CRAI, by its French acronym) is the organ of consultation and coordination between the French agriculture research organizations (Cemagref, CIRAD, INRA, IRD, Agreenium) and the relevant ministries (Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rural Affairs and Planning, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education and Research). CRAI is chaired by Bernard Hubert, also President of Agropolis International.

Seated: Carlos Pérez del Castillo-CGIAR and Bernard Hubert-CRAI
Standing from left to right :
Frédéric Lapeyrie, Executive Secretary of the CRAI
Michel Laurent, President, IRD
Marion Guillon, President, Agreenium
Gérard Matheron, President and Directo-General, CIRAD
Patrick Caron, Director of Research, CIRAD
Jean-François Giovannetti, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Roger Genet, Director-General, Cemagref
Pascal Bergeret, Deputy-Director, French Ministry of Agriculture

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