9th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Chengdu, China

The 9th meeting of the CGIAR System Council was held on 13-14 November 2019 and was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), in Chengdu, China.

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Opening of 9th System Council Meeting
System Reference Group recommendations Document SC9-02: Recommendations for One CGIAR

AfDB President Adesina intervention to CGIAR System Council meeting in China (video)

Presentation delivered by SRG Co-Chair

Background Resource – Initial Steps and Support Towards the Transition

Annex 6 – Initial Indicative Assessment of Implementation Risks

Presentation – Initial Steps and Transition Support To One CGIAR

Due Diligence Like-Minded Centres Letter  – 11 November 2019


Funding CGIAR Presentations on the day
Recommendation for elevating CGIAR”s gender research Document SC9-03: SMB Recommendation

Document SC9-03a: GENDER Cover Letter & Transition Plan

See below for additional resources relevant to this topic (as posted on 17 October 2019)

Independent advice to CGIAR Document SC9-04: CGIAR Advisory Services WPB 2020

Presentation – ISDC Chair

Presentation – SPIA Chair

CGIAR Outputs and Performance Web link: https://www.cgiar.org/impact/annual-reports/cgiar-system-annual-performance-report-2018/  

Document SC9-05: 2018 Performance Highlights

Document SC9-06: Dashboard background

CGIAR System 3-year Business Plan Actions – and updated on gender in the workplace Implementation update on the CGIAR System 2019-2021 Business Plan

Document SC9-07: Cover note-GDI matters

Document SC9-07a: GDI Framework

Document SC9-07b: GDI Action Plan

Document SC9-07c: GDI Senior Advisor

Document SC9-07d: Gender snapshot-30Sep19

System Council committee brief updates SC9-08_AOC Report 2019
SC9-09_SIMEC Report 2019
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