14th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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The 14th meeting of the CGIAR System Council was held virtually on 15 and 16 December 2021, with associated events that took place on 2 and 14 December. The Agenda and documents related to the meeting and the associated events can be found below (the latter at the end of this page).

SC14 Day 1 and 2, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 December 2021
Agenda Item  Resources
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1- Opening of 14th System Council Meeting Document SC14-01: Agenda as Adopted
2- SPOTLIGHT: Reflections from in-country and regional workshops Presentation: One CGIAR Engagement model in Regions and Countries
3- The 2022-2024 Investment Prospectus
4- Learning from our independent advice and assurance
5- SPOTLIGHT: CGIAR’s Funder Champions No resources for this item
6- Aligning to One CGIAR in key governing and funding documents Document SC14-06: Aligning to One CGIAR in key governing and funding documents
Appendix 1 – Proposed amended CGIAR Glossary
7- Financing CGIAR’s Research and Operations  Document SC14-07: 2022-2024 FinPlan
8- SPOTLIGHT: Voices from CGIAR’s research & operations No resources for this item
9- CGIAR Business Planning Cycle – delivering on One CGIAR over 2022-2024 Document SC14-09: Draft 2022-2024 CGIAR Transition Plan
10- Consent Agenda, Other Business and Meeting Close

Tuesday 14 December, SC14 Deep Dive sessions on:

  • Emerging Portfolio Analytics from Initiative Proposals
2 time slots – 8:30am and 3:00pm CET (Central European Time)
1 time slot: 12:00-12:45pm CET (Central European Time)
  • Briefing on financing modalities/funding agreements
1 time slot: 1:30-2:30pm CET (Central European Time)

Resources for Deep dive sessions that took place on 14 December :

Resources for the Briefing on financing modalities/funding agreements: CGIAR 2022-2024 Operational Designation Procedure (approved)
Briefing on Emerging Portfolio Analytics from Initiative Proposals [slides as presented]
Briefing on CoSAI [slides as presented]

    Resources for CGIAR Initiatives Seminar that took place on 2 December :

    Document SC14-03a: ISDC’s Review of the Companion Document to the 2022-2024 Research Prospectus
    Document SC14-03b: ISDC’s Review of 19 Initiative Proposals
    Presentations as shared during the Seminar