27th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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The 27th CGIAR System Board Meeting was hold virtually on 25 and 29 September 2023. See agenda and available meeting documents below.

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 27th meeting and Agenda Document SB27-01: Provisional Agenda 
• Register of interests declared
• List of Decisions taken since SB26
2. Message from the Board Chair • Document SB27-02: Board Chair report
3. Setting the scene • Document SB27-03-1: Progress Update on the 2022—24 Integration Plan
4. CGIAR Rebranding • Document SB27-04
5. 2025-2027 Portfolio design process • Document SB27-05-01: Genebanks funding and Crop Trust matters
6. Wrap-up for Day 1
7. Welcome Day 2
8. Finance • Document SB27-08-01:Development Plan for 2024 Window 1 (W1) Budget (Budget process, communications)
• Document SB27-08-02: AFRC Report
9. Gender Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) Update
10. Unified Governance Review Update
11. Risk register • Document SB27-11:Update on CGIAR risk register and top risks
12. Ethics Matters • Document SB27-12-1: Ethics & Business Conduct Annual Report
• Document SB27-12-2:Applicability and Enforcement of CGIAR Policies
13. System Board Matters • Document SB27-13-1: Board Membership
• Document SB27-13-2: System Board Budget Process
• Document SB27-13-3: 2024 System Board Calendar
• Document SB27-13-4: Host Country Arrangement with France
• Document SB27-13-5: SB Committee Terms of Reference
14. Summarizing what will be taken from the System Board to the System Council meeting • Document SB27-14
15. Any other business