24th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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    Washington D.C., US

The 24th CGIAR System Board Meeting was held on 29 September 2022, in Washington D.C. The agenda and meeting documents can be found below.

** Indicates internal working documents that will evolve, and will be made publicly available when at a more mature status

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 24th meeting and Agenda Document SB24-01: Agenda as adopted
• Register of interests declared**
• List of out-of-session decisions taken since SB23**
2. Reflections from CGIAR’s Executive Managing Director
3. Board Strategy Document SB24-03: A System Board Strategy**
4. One CGIAR progress and delivery Document SB24-04: One CGIAR: progress, priorities, risks, and opportunities**
5.Funding Matters • Document SB24-05a: CGIAR Financial Issues – Q2 2022 position**
• Document SB24-05b: Overview of proposed W3/bilateral modality**
6. Communications workshop session – “Leading Institutional Change”
7. CGIAR rebrand – name selection Resource – Rebranding CGIAR: Testing Results and Next Steps**
8. Accountability and Compliance • Document SB24-08a: Ethics & Business Conduct: Annual Report July 2021-July 2022**

• Document SB24-08b: Advancing Gender, Diversity & Inclusion in CGIAR’s workplaces: Two-Year Progress Report 2020-2021

9. One CGIAR leadership matters • Document SB24-09a: EMD search – Process and timetable**
• Document SB24-09b: SLT positions summary**
10. Other Business
11. Board Leadership and Membership Succession Planning (Closed session)