CGIAR's Senior Leadership Team, shown below, is made up of CGIAR's Executive Managing Director, Managing Directors, Global Directors, Regional Directors, and all Center Directors General, the majority of whom hold dual roles in the integrated operational structure. Click on the boxes below to view details.
Executive Managing Director
Managing Director, Institutional Strategy & Systems
Managing Director, Resilient Agri-Food Systems
Managing, Director, Systems Transformation
Managing Director, Genetic Innovation
Managing Director, Regions & Partnership
Managing Director, Communications & Outreach
Global Director, Business Operations & Finance
Global Director, Digital & Data
Global Director, Innovative Finance & Resource Mobilization
Senior Director, Aquatic Food Systems
Senior Director, Livestock-Based Systems
Global Director, Partnerships & Advocacy
Regional Director, Central & West Asia & North Africa
Regional Director, Continental Africa
Regional Director, East & Southern Africa
Global General Counsel
Global Director, People & Culture
Senior Director, Water Systems
Senior Director, Agrobiodiversity and Urban Food Systems
Regional Director, Latin America & the Caribbean
Regional Director, South Asia
Regional Director, South-East Asia & Pacific
Regional Director, West & Central Africa
Director General, AfricaRice
Director General, ICARDA
Director General, IFPRI
Director General, IITA
Director General, ILRI
Director General, CIMMYT
Director General, CIP
Director General, IRRI
Director General, IWMI
Director General, ICRISAT
Director General, The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
Director General, WorldFish
Executive Management Team
Center, System Organization,
and Alliance Leadership