Workshop Report: Evaluation Guidelines: Applying QoR4D Frame of Reference to Process and Performance Evaluations, February 2023, Rome

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IAES organized a 1.5-day hybrid workshop in February 2023 to usher in the launch of the beta version of the Evaluation Guidelines, foster a common understanding among evaluators and subject matter experts (SMEs) of approaches and entry points to evaluating quality of science (QoS) in CGIAR, draw broader lessons from assessing and evaluating Quality of Science, and identify opportunities to roll out and monitor the use and uptake of the guidelines in CGIAR and beyond.

The workshop brought together 72 key stakeholders (in person and remotely) from CGIAR (74%) and external (26%.) These stakeholder groups included funders, multilateral organizations, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. The workshop featured discussions around three main sessions and group activities. For a better understanding of the guidelines’ applicability, workshop participants tackled three case studies including the evaluation of the CGIAR Genebank Platform (forthcoming). They effectively used the guidelines to identify the criteria, dimensions and methods of evaluation. Members of IAES’s Evaluation Reference Group also participated in the workshop.

FAQs to the guidelines were collated in preparation for the workshop, and are a living document.

Please read the workshop report, accompanied by Annex with participant bios. Blogs and Q&A from participants include:

Soliciting Input and Feedback

IAES would like to receive questions about and feedback on learning from the application of the beta version of the Guidelines (contact as custodian of the document).

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