The Nairobi pork value chain: Mapping and assessment of governance, challenges, and food safety issues

A plate served with fried pork and raw relishes (photo credit: ILRI/Martin Heilmann, Freie Universitaet Berlin).

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The Nairobi pork food system is a growing livestock sub-sector which serves as a source of food and livelihood to its inhabitants. This study mapped Nairobi’s pork value chains, assessed their governance and operational challenges and their impacts on food safety risks and management practices.

The findings of the study provide useful insights into the structure of the pork system supplying Nairobi. Policymakers and researchers can use this framework to investigate and develop the pork industry. The framework can also be used to develop food safety and disease control programs.

Photo credit: A plate served with fried pork and raw relishes (ILRI/Martin Heilmann)

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