Terms of Reference: Evaluability Assessments of the Regional Integrated Initiatives

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The CGIAR Independent Advisory and Evaluation Services (IAES) 2022‒24 multi-year workplan provides for the evaluability assessments of Regional Integrated Initiatives(RIIs) in 2023. These ToRs respond to the mandate of the CGIAR IAES Evaluation Function to execute the evaluability study; and set out the purpose, objectives and process to follow, in accordance with the CGIAR Evaluability Assessment Guidelines.

The primary purpose of the Evaluability Assessment is to ensure evaluability and preparedness for an evaluation, aligned to different placing in the project cycle. The goal of the assessment is to support the RIIs in preparing for successful evaluations, which can involve assessing the adequacy of the ToC, establishing the interests of the stakeholders, and determining whether available data would make it possible to formulate a judgment given the initiative timeframe and resources.

Guided by IAES budget consideration, the RAFS Action Area director, and subsequently RII coordinator (appointed July 2023), the following criteria were applied: (1) status of the Initiative in the project cycle and funding levels; (2) explicit interest and/or availability from the RIIs; and (3) geographical representation, with potential for deeper learning at a regional level. The selected RIIs are: Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA); Asian Mega-Deltas (AMD); Transforming Agrifood Systems In South Asia (TAFFSA); West and Central African Food Systems Transformations (WCA).

The EA approach will follow utilization-focused and collaborative, as well as focus on accountability and learning. This approach will be mixed methods of data collection and analysis: (1) documents and data reviews: a desk review of secondary data sources: documents and related resources; and (2) primary data collection: key informant interviews and focus group discussions.

Please contact IAES-Evaluation@cgiar.org for related inquiries.

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