Synthesis of lessons learned from CRP evaluations

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From 2014-2016, 15 CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), making up the entire agriculture for research portfolio of CGIAR, were evaluated. Collectively, the evaluations serve as the first set of independent assessments on the research and organizational performance of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) since their formation.  Following the completion of the evaluations, IEA commissioned a Synthesis to identify patterns and draw lessons from across all 15 evaluation reports. The Synthesis covers topics such as relevance and priority setting, quality of science, impact, and gender as well as partnerships, capacity development, and governance and management.  The Synthesis also provides insights and lessons on generic issues and challenges related to agricultural research for development.   As the first independent cross-CGIAR analysis of CRPs since their inception, the Synthesis aims to identify patterns and emerging lessons which have implications beyond the individual CRPs.


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