Increasing traditional vegetable consumption in Cavite, Philippines: Understanding consumer and market vendor preferences

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The study conducted in Cavite province sheds light on the factors that influence the availability and accessibility of indigenous vegetables in urban and peri-urban markets. The study specifically looked at the perspectives of both market vendors and consumers in the two primary urban areas of Dasmariñas and Bacoor.

One of the key findings of the study is that adult women predominantly make household decisions when it comes to buying vegetables. This suggests that targeting women consumers with information and education about indigenous vegetables could be an effective strategy for promoting their consumption. Nutrition, freshness, and price are the primary considerations for consumers when purchasing vegetables, and they perceive indigenous vegetables as nutritious and affordable. Vendors prioritize shelf life in addition to price, freshness, and nutrition when selecting indigenous vegetables to sell.

The results highlight the importance of the supply chain for indigenous vegetables. In Cavite, it extends from the north to the south of Luzon. Understanding the dynamics of this supply chain is crucial for improving the availability and accessibility of indigenous vegetables in urban and peri-urban markets. Overall, the findings provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for promoting the consumption of indigenous vegetables in urban areas. By addressing the gaps in awareness and knowledge about these food plants and their growth requirements, improving the supply chain to meet consumer and vendor requirements, and improving women consumers’ access to education and information, we can work towards a future where these nutritious, locally-adapted, and culturally significant crops are widely known and available.

Gonzales, B.; de Chavez, H.D.; Sister, L.E.; Anunciado, M.S.; Monville-Oro, E.; Gonsalves, J.; Hunter, D.; Borelli, T.; Mendonce, S. 

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