Guatemala: ClimBeR Inception Workshop Report

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The CGIAR Initiative on Climate Resilience, ClimBeR, aims to transform the climate adaptation capacity of food, land, and water systems in Guatemala and five other low- and middle-income countries, ultimately increasing the resilience of smallholder production systems to withstand severe climate change effects like drought, flooding, and high temperatures.

The ClimBeR Initiative in collaboration with AgriLAC Resiliente and three other CGIAR initiatives (Livestock and Climate, Rethinking Food Markets, and Digital Innovation) organized a workshop to bring stakeholders together to consolidate alliances with key actors in Guatemala through the presentation of the Regional Integrated Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean of the CGIAR and the Thematic Initiatives of the global scope of the CGIAR that will be developed in Guatemala.

The workshop sought to promote the co-construction processes of the initiatives through discussion spaces with the participants, which allow them to be contextualized and fine-tuned around the transformation toward more sustainable and resilient agri-food systems in the country.

Valencia, L. Navarro, C., Madurga Lopez, I., Veeger, M., Rose, S., loboguerrero, A.M. and Hellin, J. 

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