Gendered Food Mapping Data on Matooke generated by NARL & Bioversity in Uganda

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This dataset contains data generated during the Activity 3 or Step 2 – Gendered food mapping performed by the NARL & Bioversity team in Uganda on Matooke, within the RTBfoods project (following the Methodological Guidance).

This dataset may contain diverse types of anonymized data (e‧g. questionnaires, cleaned and processed data) which is to be available on open access following a 2-years embargo after the end of the RTBfoods project (embargo ending date: 15 March 2025)

This dataset may also contain non-anonymized data (e‧g. raw data, consent forms signed by interviewees) which cannot be made publicly available, at any time; non-anonymized data is contained in the .tar‧gz file. For more information about the content of the .tar‧gz file, you are invited to contact the authors mentioned in the metadata.

Marimo, P.; Akankwasa, K.; Nowakunda, K. 

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