The purpose of this brief is to provide an overview of the potential forage market segments for East Africa. This work was conducted as part of the OneCGIAR Initative on Market Intelligence, which seeks to expand the social impact of crops in areas such as nutrition, gender equality, and climate change (CGIAR, n.d.). From a global perspective, this responds to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), such as no poverty (SDG-1), zero hunger (SDG-2), and climate action (SDG-13), among others. The segments have been identified within the CGIAR EiB (Excellence in Breeding) and BPAT (Breeding Program Assessment Tool) programs. EiB aims to promote the modernization of crop improvement programs for farmers in low- and middle-income countries (EiB, 2021). For its part, BPAT is a tool that allows a structured review of technical aspects, capacities, and components of crop improvement programs, with the purpose of increasing the rate of genetic gain (McHugh et al., 2021).

Junca, J.J.; Florez, J.F.; Enciso, K.; Hernández, L.M.; Triana, N.; Burkart, S.

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