Evaluation of Intellectual Assets Principles of CGIAR

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The Review covered the IA Principles in a comprehensive manner regarding coverage, adequacy, and appropriateness of the Policy. The Review assessed both appropriateness and effectiveness of the IA principles and the efficiency and transparency of their implementation. It also assessed reputational issues that may arise from the manner by which CGIAR manages and governs its IA.

The Review found that the implementation of the IA Principles has proceeded systematically with a number of improvements, including a notable increase in legal staffing at each Center, development of a review and oversight process, a robust reporting process and launching of the CGIAR Legal/IP Network (CLIPnet) community of practice. The Review also found some inadequacy of resources and capacity. The review team concluded that the IA Principles were not being used to their full capacity,  partly due to inadequate understanding of what the Principles prescribe. While the IA Principles were considered important for negotiating partnership arrangements, particularly with the private sector, the review team concluded that competencies beyond legal were necessary to develop partnerships. 

Final Report – Review of the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles

System Management Board Commentary – Review of the CGIAR Intellectual Assets Principles



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