Evaluation of CRP on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS)

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WorldFish is the Lead Center for the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS), and the other CGIAR Center partners managing the program are the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and Bioversity International. A number of development NGOs that work globally played a key role in AAS’s program design play a central role in its implementation.

AAS aims to reduce poverty and improve food security for people whose livelihoods depend on aquatic agricultural systems. The Program operates in selected sites that represent the mega deltas of Asia, the Asia-Pacific islands and African freshwater systems. In these areas rural livelihoods rely strongly on family-based farming systems with fishing and/or aquaculture as an integral part in most places.

The program uses a very distinct approach that includes research in development and learning about processes for delivering development outcomes in aquatic agriculture systems. Its implementation focuses on participatory action research within a set of geographical “learning hubs”. The approach puts emphasis on engaging with farmers, fishers, NGOs and government institutions in each hub to identify the main challenges and thereby the research priorities.

The IEA commissioned evaluation of AAS was completed in April 2015.  As for all CRP evaluations, the purpose of the evaluation of AAS was to provide essential evaluative information for decision-making by Program management and its funders on issues such as extension, expansion and structuring of the program and adjustments in some aspects of the program.

Resources available:

Evaluation Brief
Consortium Response
CRP management response

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