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Background and Context

Globally, wheat contributes 20% of the calories and protein to the human diet. The projected increase in global demand between 2005-07 and 2050 is 44%, equivalent to a compound growth rate of 0.83% p.a.

WHEAT targets a sustained increase in yield of 1.4% p.a. with equal contributions from breeding and agronomy, the two pillars of the program further supported by R&D efforts to enable adoption and subsequent scaling, of which policy is a significant part.

Purpose and Scope of the CRP 2020 Review

The review’s purposes are to assess to what extent WHEAT is (1) delivering quality of science, and (2) demonstrating effectiveness in relation to its own Theories of Change (ToC). The third purpose is to provide insights and lessons to inform the program’s future.

The review was designed to deliver top-level findings proportional to the desk-top work of two reviewers for 11 weeks. The primary audience is the CGIAR System Council. Other audiences may find the review useful, such as WHEAT managers and scientists, their partners and other CGIAR Research Centers and CRPs.


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