CGIAR GENDER Platform Evaluation: Inception Report

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    Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service
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This summative and formative evaluation of the GENDER (Generating Evidence and New Directions for Equitable Results) Platform aims to assess the Platform’s progress from January 2020 to October 2022, document lessons and operational practices, and provide forward-looking recommendations for the newly transitioned CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform. The Platform’s evaluation readiness was determined by an evaluation assessment jointly carried out by the GENDER Platform team, with facilitation and quality assurance from IAES, following the CGIAR evaluability assessment guidelines.

The evaluation employs theory-based, utilization-focused, participatory and feminist approaches aligned with CGIAR’s Evaluation Framework and Policy. These guiding approaches draw on structured participatory and collaborative methods that engage multiple stakeholder groups in a mixed-methods design.

Seven key evaluation questions are framed along the five evaluation criteria; relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, and sustainability. To answer them, the data collection incorporates in-depth interviews, an online survey and evidence mined along the themes of Gender Equality, Youth, and Inclusion from two previous CGIAR Platform evaluations, (Excellence in Breeding (EiB) and Big Data in Agriculture), and from the 2021 decadal synthesis of 43 CGIAR evaluations, and desk review of the Platform’s documentation. All GENDER Platform stakeholders are encouraged to engage in the evaluation process, participate in interviews and respond to the survey. Please contact for related inquiries.

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