Antimicrobial resistance in slaughterhouses, Kenya

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Slaughterhouses are hotspots for the transmission of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. We conducted stakeholder discussions on antimicrobial-resistant pathogens within the slaughterhouse setting.

Butchers were described as powerful stakeholders; challenges included limited funding and staff, inadequate infrastructure, and limited laboratory capacity. Slaughterhouse workers understood that their work increased their risk for exposure.

Hamilton, K.A., Njoroge, S.M., Momanyi, K., Murungi, M.K., Odinga, C.O., Bor, N., Ogendo, A.F., Odaba, J., Ogola, J.G., Fèvre, E.M. and Falzon, L.C. 2023. Antimicrobial resistance in slaughterhouses, Kenya. Emerging Infectious Diseases 29(10): 2155–2158.

Photo: A pig at a slaughter site in Busia, Kenya (ILRI/ Charlie Pye-Smith)



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