Agricultural development: New perspectives in a changing world

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Agricultural Development: New Perspectives in a Changing World is the first comprehensive exploration of key emerging issues facing developing-country agriculture today, from rapid urbanization to rural transformation to climate change. In this four-part volume, top experts offer the latest research in the field of agricultural development. Using new lenses to examine today’s biggest challenges, contributors address topics such as nutrition and health, gender and household decision-making, agrifood value chains, natural resource management, and political economy. The book also covers most developing regions, providing a critical global perspective at a time when many pressing challenges extend beyond national borders. Tying all this together, Agricultural Development explores policy options and strategies for developing sustainable agriculture and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition.

The changing global landscape combined with new and better data, technologies, and understanding means that agriculture can and must contribute to a wider range of development outcomes than ever before, including reducing poverty, ensuring adequate nutrition, creating strong food value chains, improving environmental sustainability, and promoting gender equity and equality.

Agricultural Development: New Perspectives in a Changing World, with its unprecedented breadth and scope, will be an indispensable resource for the next generation of policymakers, researchers, and students dedicated to improving agriculture for global wellbeing.

Synopsis [download]

Part I: A Global Overview of Agriculture

Chapter 1 Agricultural Development in a Changing World [download]
Chapter 2 Global Issues in Agricultural Development [download]

Part II: Regional Issues in Agricultural Development

Chapter 3 Changing Farm Size and Agricultural Development in East Asia [download]
Chapter 4 Agricultural Development and Modernization in South Asia [download]
Chapter 5 Africa’s Unfolding Agricultural Transformation [download]
Chapter 6 Duality, Urbanization, and Modernization of Agrifood Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean [download]
Chapter 7 Agricultural Development and Food Security in Eastern Europe and Central Asia [download]
Chapter 8 Regional Experiences: What Have We Learned? [download]

Part III: Context for Agricultural Development

Chapter 9 Agricultural Growth, Urbanization, and Poverty Reduction [download]
Chapter 10 Agriculture and Undernutrition [download]
Chapter 11 Transformation of the Rural Economy [download]
Chapter 12 Food Value Chain Transformation in Developing Regions [download]
Chapter 13 Agricultural Development and International Trade [download]
Chapter 14 The Political Economy of Agricultural and Food Policies [download]
Chapter 15 Gender, Household Behavior, and Rural Development [download]
Chapter 16 Credit for Agricultural Development [download]
Chapter 17 Agricultural Insurance for Development: Past, Present, and Future [download]
Chapter 18 Natural Resource Management and Resource Rights for Agriculture [download]

Part IV: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Agricultural Development

Chapter 19 Climate Change and Agricultural Development [download]
Chapter 20 The Role of Water in Supporting Food Security: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go [download]
Chapter 21 Future of Agricultural Research [download]
Chapter 22 Reshaping Agrifood Systems to Achieve Multiple Development Goals [download]

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