Discover how CGIAR’s Action Areas and Regional Integrated Initiatives made progress in 2022.

Genetic Innovation

Read how this Action Area brought together crops, geographies, Centers, partners, and stages of the innovation pipeline to contribute to impact.


Systems Transformation

Read how this Action Area contributed to the transformation of food, land and water systems in support of CGIAR’s five Impact Areas.


Resilient Agrifood Systems

Read how this Action Area delivered on research priorities that contribute to more productive and sustainable production practices and business models, and increased livestock, fish, crop, and farming system productivity.


Regional Integrated Initiatives

Read how these Initiatives addressed national and regional challenges prioritized by stakeholders and functioned as a key vehicle for the co-design and co-delivery of innovations, capacity development, and policy change with local and regional partners.



Header photo: John Omondi, farmer, watering his field, Kenya. Photo by C. de Bode/CGIAR

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