Senior Technical and Policy Advisor

Job Summary: The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks a qualified candidate to serve as a Senior Technical and Policy Advisor for a two year, fixed-term, renewable appointment.  The position will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and reports primarily to the Program Leader of the Ethiopia Strategy Support Program in the Development Strategy and Governance Division, and Head of Partnerships/Business Development of the Director’s General Office. Grade level will be determined by demonstrated expertise and experience. Essential Duties: Duties include but are not limited to: Together with Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) identify policies and programmes to improve nutrition in all sectors that need to be developed or refined so that they are more effective; Identify and prioritise the main research topics for developing or improving policies and programmes that are to be considered by the National Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) Analysis Unit or other organisations; Identify the needed stakeholder engagements to support an effective NIPN process; Identify how IFPRI can support capacity building of the members of the NIPN Advisory Committee, the NIPN Analysis Unit and key partners on a continued basis to ensure timely address; Identify how IFPRI can support specialist reviews and analyses to be conducted by internal or external IFPRI experts, as need arises; Consider the information and findings produced by the NIPN Analysis Unit and any consultants; Help to interpret the findings of the analysis from the Unit or from others and translate those findings into policies and better programmes; this will include appropriate framing of evidence and information for use by relevant stakeholders including policy makers and implementers Make recommendations about changes to policies and programmes or for new policies and programmes to improve nutrition in all sectors; Support the review of all outputs of the Analysis Unit; Invite experts in policies and programmes among development partners, implementing partners, and national institutions to contribute to the work of the Advisory Committee; With the NIPN project manager at EPHI produce an annual report of the deliberations and outputs of the Advisory Committee for the national inter-sectoral committee for nutrition. Together with the NIPN project manager at EPHI and other relevant officials, organize meetings with senior advisors and program planners in relevant sectors to explain the results and findings of the Analysis Unit so that they are considered when developing or refining programs that have the potential to improve human nutrition. With the NIPN project manager and the NIPN advisory Committee, proactively seek opportunities to share the evidence being generated by the analysis unit at different national fora aimed at policy and program influence. Promote the work of the NIPN nationally within government and internationally to development partners. Prepare the meetings of the ENTAP Technical Committee and document the meeting and produce meeting proceedings. Required Qualifications: Masters degree in Social Policy, Public Policy or Health Policy and Management At least 10 years of experience in translating research for policy, ideally for nutrition or health Experience of facilitating the development of policies and programmes with government advisors Well-informed about the process of evidenced-based policy development in government Ability to effectively communicate policies and programs for nutrition to senior policy advisors, technical experts, development partners and government staff Preferred Qualifications: PhD degree in Social Policy, Public Policy or Health Policy and Management