Senior Research Associate (Agronomist)

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Category: Research and Development

Location: Nairobi N/A Kenya

The Agronomist will provide expertise in the design and direct
implementation of a cost effective and sustainable sweetpotato seed system for
DDBIO in Kenya. He/she will contribute to efforts to ensure and assure
affordable, accessible and quality sweetpotato planting material needed to
scale up the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in Kenya. The successful
candidate will work closely with the DDBIO Kenya Team Leader, project
implementing partners, and with the CIP country and global teams.


Key responsibilities:

  • Contribute
    to the design and direct the implementation of a sustainable sweetpotato seed
    systems strategy for DDBIO – Kenya that will assure quality and accessibility
    of sweetpotato planting material for production and commercialization of the
    sweetpotato value chain.

  • Design
    and implement a working, cost-effective and timely planting material
    dissemination approaches and root production plans with partners to enhance
    OFSP production among households both for food and nutrition security as well
    as commercialization.

  • Work
    and collaborate with national government partners (KALRO/KEPHIS) and other
    stakeholders to initiate, coordinate and manage the National Performance
    Evaluation (NPTs) and varietal release process for developing commercially
    viable OFSP varieties.

  • Participate
    in the development and, where possible, delivery of appropriate training
    modules in priority topics such as production, agronomy, post-harvesting
    management etc. The training will target sweetpotato value chain actors
    including farmers, extension agents, aggregators, processors etc.

  • Provide
    the technical expertise for private commercial partners and support their
    agronomist and extension staff to achieve the desired quality and quantity of
    raw materials for the successful puree processing business.

  • Work
    with other stakeholders and colleagues to develop linkages and contribute to
    online platforms for exchange of information about OFSP for widespread

  • Support
    and contribute to the OFSP awareness campaigns by providing required technical
    input for example through county forums trade fairs and field days.

  • Contribute to the design and implementation of
    relevant field research on sweetpotato seed system and crop management
    practices to answer existing project research questions.

  • Provide
    support to the DDBIO M&E processes by facilitating timely, accurate and
    routine data collection required for project reports.

  • Any
    other duties as assigned by supervisor.



  • MSc in agronomy, breeding, crop science or a
    related field.

  • Minimum of 6 years of experience working with public and/or
    private organizations in seed systems or agronomy.

  • Experience
    working with sweet potato and/or other vegetative propagated crops.

  • Experience
    in designing and conducting and analysis of on-farm agronomic experiments.

  • Experience
    with participatory evaluation of new technologies, innovations with farmers.

  • Experimental
    design, Implementation, data collection, analysis and writing of scientific

  • Advanced
    level of MS Office.

  • Fluent
    in Kiswahili.

  • Advanced
    oral communication and technical writing skills in English.


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