Research Associate - Nutritionist

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About the role

To accomplish its deliverables on nutrition, CIP seeks to engage the services of an experienced Nutritionist who will work to review available approaches for implementation to achieve increased integration of RTCs in nutrition outreach programs. The aim is to increase contribution of RTC to improved food and nutrition security through quality and diversified diets of at least 1,000,000 beneficiaries in rural and urban households, schools, and other eatery places. In the four years, the outcome is to increase demand for RTC and their products in rural and urban markets to drive commercialisation.

Key responsibilities:

  • Review project documents, other available reports such as RTC-end-line and SBCC study reports which have proposed recommendations and approaches for increased RTC utilisation in Malawi and research/information gaps on RTC nutrition.
  • Interact with relevant project partners and stakeholders on nutrition at national and district level to understand entry points for enhanced RTC utilisation for food and nutrition security.
  • Implement effective approaches for RTC utilisation in relation to project objectives to disseminate relevant education, information, and communication messages on nutrition.
  • Review the monitoring and evaluation framework and M&E plan for implementation in areas and to design relevant data collection tools.
  • Propose research and implement studies to generate knowledge related to RTC integration in diets, nutrition, and food security.
  • Contribute to development of baseline study approach on nutrition aspects and tools.
  • Identify new partners for capacity building on nutrition and related health and hygiene aspects in project districts.
  • Upscale the integration of OFSP in school feeding programs.
  • Participate in national, district and other relevant nutritional meetings and activities on behalf of the project including contribution to updating national cookbooks and nutrition modules in learning institutions.
  • Document success stories on nutrition as achieved by the RTC-Market project partners and stakeholders.
  • Consolidate monthly and quarterly reports.


  • Master’s degree in Nutrition or Public Healthy.
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in designing SBCC with proven publication skills.
  • Knowledge of developing effective approaches and implementation of SBCC.
  • Conducting research on SBCC, nutrition gaps and food security.
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Fluent in English and Chichewa.

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