Request for Proposal: CGIAR System Transition Adviser for a new CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat in Rome

A. Purpose:

CGIAR is a global research partnership for a food-secure future. CGIAR science is dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources and ecosystem services. Its research is carried out by 15 CGIAR centers in close collaboration with hundreds of partners, including national and regional research institutes, civil society organizations, academia, development organizations and the private sector.

CGIAR’s Funders provide guidance and financial resources for CGIAR Research. Representatives of Funders and developing countries meet as a System Council to keep under review the strategy, mission, impact and continued relevancy of the CGIAR System in a rapidly changing landscape of agricultural research for development.

In May 2018, the System Council considered and approved a future layout for the CGIAR System’s advisory functions on science for development advice, impact assessment, and evaluations. The approval included agreement to establish a new CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat (‘Shared Secretariat’) to support the three functional responsibilities contemplated by the System Council’s decision.

Implementation of this decision will require moving from the existing model of two co-located multidisciplinary expert teams (ISPC Secretariat and Independent Evaluation Arrangement) into the new single Shared Secretariat that will be located at new premises. Anticipated to be established by not later than 1 April 2019, the new Shared Secretariat will have functional responsibility to support: external experts appointed to CGIAR’s new Independent Science for Development Council (‘ISDC’); CGIAR’s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (‘SPIA’); and those undertaking independent external evaluations in line with a multi-year Evaluation Plan approved by the System Council.

The CGIAR System Organization is mandated by the Charter of the CGIAR System Organization to provide operational support to the System Council and enter into agreements to deliver on System Council decisions as appropriate. The System Management Office of the System Organization serves as a Secretariat for the System Council.

 B. What we are seeking:

We are currently seeking an experienced human resource/organizational development transition professional to serve as the main point of contact and the responsible party for managing the change management processes required to form a new CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat (‘Shared Secretariat’) to support CGIAR’s independent scientific, impact assessment and evaluation functions. Informed by a Shared Secretariat Transition Action Plan adopted with effect from 1 October 2018, key accountabilities include:

  1. Designing and implementing a communications strategy to ensure proactive, effective engagement with all relevant stakeholders during implementation of the Transition Action Plan;
  2. Working in collaboration with key stakeholders to establish the initial organizational structure/reporting lines for the 9 Shared Secretariat roles;
  3. Leading the processes required to appoint/recruit the 9 Shared Secretariat roles according to the recruitment policies and practices of the CGIAR System Organization; and
  4. Providing counsel and support to current personnel engaged with ISPC Secretariat and IEA regarding the transition and identifying and coordinating with an outplacement provider as relevant during the transition phase.

The Terms of Reference for the Shared Secretariat set out at Appendix 1 and the Transition Action Plan set out at Appendix 2 each form an integral part of this Request for Proposals.

 C. How to submit a proposal

Please submit a narrative proposal and a budget proposal as two separate documents to Both documents can be attached to the same email.

  • The narrative proposal must consist of no more than 10 pages (excluding annexes) using Microsoft Word or similar format. Font size must not be smaller than 11pt Arial normal. Margins should be set to the standard Microsoft ‘A4 Normal’ setting. The format of the narrative proposal is available in the detailed job description link included below.
  • The budget proposal must be presented using Microsoft Excel or similar format and consist of, at a minimum, the following line items: consultant time, resources, travel. The budget must be presented in euros.

All proposals must be received no later than 12noon, Montpellier, France local time on Monday 15 October 2018. Only electronically submitted proposals will be considered. Late proposals will not be considered.

Enquiries on the consultancy may be submitted in writing only, addressed to by not later than Thursday 11 October 2018. Responses will be provided within 1 working day of receipt.

A detailed RFP is available here:

Download detailed RFP