Monitoring and Evaluation Learning (MEL) Consultant

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The International Potato Center (CIP) has developed a novel approach that integrates research and development activities aimed at commercializing the Root and Tuber Crops (RTC) subsector (with focus on potato, sweetpotato and cassava). The goal is to increase the subsector’s contribution to food and nutrition security, incomes, job creation and economic growth in Malawi. Funded by the Embassy of Ireland to Malawi, the 4-year project namely ‘Market-led Transformation of the Root and Tuber Crops Subsector (RTC-MARKET)’ started on 1st May 2023 and planned to achieve this through four main objectives: (i) To develop and promote improved RTC varieties, technologies and knowledge to support commercial production, value addition and linkages to domestic and international markets; (ii) To enhance availability and access to quality RTC seed and other inputs; (iii) To increase production of quality RTCs for domestic and export markets and food and nutrition security; and (iv) To increase private sector investment and capacity in commercial processing and marketing of quality RTC value added products for domestic and export markets.

To accomplish its deliverables, CIP seeks to engage the services of an experienced MEL consultant who has an experience in market/business development model to review and fine-tune the model for driving RTC commercialisation as per project focus and, accordingly, develop a comprehensive framework for monitoring and evaluation of transformation and commercialisation of the RTC-subsector.


The main purpose of the consultancy is to review the MEL system that is being used to monitor and evaluate activities of the RTC-MARKET project. The MEL system should leave effective monitoring and Evaluation Learning (MEL) of the programme in response to the goal and objectives which focuses on RTC commercialization. This will also provide a basis for effective Planning, Coordination and Partnership, and Reporting for the new approach. The MEL System is also intended to generate appropriate knowledge to assess impact in the mid and end of term.


The Consultant will work closely work with the program manager and M&E specialist of the project. In executing this assignment, the consultant will undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Review project documents including the theory of change, log frame, annual targets and indicators, and existing monitoring tools
  • Review the monitoring and evaluation systems and practices to generate evidence-based feedback for planning, program review and impact assessment and policy formulation.
  • Interact with all participating partners to understand and guide their roles and responsibilities and their entry points towards the project goal of RTCs commercialisation
  •   Interact with partners and assess performance in terms of activity implementation and data collection with reference to the project goal and deliverables
  • Review the monitoring and evaluation framework and M&E plan for implementation. The framework should reflect key performance indicators (output and outcomes) with clear definitions, milestones, data collections strategize, and frequency of collection among other variables related RTC market and commercialization. It should include methodologies for measuring indicators and the responsible partner for data collection. It should also clearly demonstrate how the impacts outlined will be measured and evidence for the evaluations will be generated. Systematic disaggregation of data by sex, youth and geographical location.
  •   Develop a project implementation manual road map, an information management system or tool to manage an integrated monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Support the M&E specialist to implement the new monitoring and evaluation framework and information system among partners
  • Contribute to development of baseline study approach and tools 
  • Interact with project partners to understand and guide their roles and responsibilities in the project, in line with the project model and MEL framework for RTC commercialization
  •   Develop an appropriate information management system to facilitate storage, management and synthesis of M&E data
  • Support the project M&E specialist and partners in implementing the monitoring and evaluation framework and information management system for RTC commercialization.


  • PhD. in Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Business Management, Economics, or any other closely related field, Anthropology, or related studies, those with Doctoral degree will have an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of developing baseline study approaches and tools, MEL frameworks.
  • Experience in development planning and in monitoring market-led and private sector-driven agricultural commercialization programs.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ of professional experience in designing MEL framework, databases and systems development, with proven programming skills.
  •   Demonstrable experience in using reviews and evaluation as a tool for lesson learning.
  • Excellent report writing skills.

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