Data Entry Clerks

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The International Potato Center (CIP) has developed a novel approach that integrates research and development activities aimed at commercializing the Root and Tuber Crops (RTC) subsector (with focus on potato, sweetpotato and cassava). The goal is to increase the subsector’s contribution to food and nutrition security, incomes, job creation and economic growth in Malawi. Funded by the Embassy of Ireland to Malawi, the 4-year project namely ‘Market-led Transformation of the Root and Tuber Crops Subsector (RTC-MARKET)’ started on 1st May 2023 and planned to achieve this through four main objectives: (i) To develop and promote improved RTC varieties, technologies and knowledge to support commercial production, value addition and linkages to domestic and international markets; (ii) To enhance availability and access to quality RTC seed and other inputs; (iii) To increase production of quality RTCs for domestic and export markets and food and nutrition security; and (iv) To increase private sector investment and capacity in commercial processing and marketing of quality RTC value added products for domestic and export markets.

The specific objectives of the position:

CIP would like to recruit 4 Data Entry Clerks to:
• Enter, verify, and clean data of the direct beneficiaries of the RTC-MARKET Project.  
• Ensure data is entered in the spreadsheet and verified in the databases,
• Clean the data and manage any missing information, 
• Produce draft report,

Expected duration and conditions:

• These temporary positions are for a period of 1 month.
• The payment is a fixed and consolidated fee.


Qualifications/special skills

• Degree/Diploma in Agriculture, (Agronomy, Crop science, Seed science) or related sciences.
• Degree/Diploma in IT Systems support
• Degree/Diploma in Computing and information system

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