Consultant - Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Development of MELIA Framework)

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The International Water Management Institute (IWMI), a CGIAR Research Center, is seeking an innovative and multi-skilled Consultant to work as a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist. The role involves developing and initiating IWMI’s MELIA framework aligned with IWMI’s 2024-2030 Strategic Plan and the CGIAR Research and Innovation Strategy 2023-2030.

This is an internationally/globally hired consultancy; therefore, individuals with relevant abilities from diverse locations around the world are encouraged to apply. The work arrangement for this consultancy is remote.


To advise and support the development and operationalization of IWMI’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Impact Assessment (MELIA) framework, ensuring that it is fit for purpose and aligned with IWMI’s 2024-2030 Strategic Plan.


The Consultant will undertake the following tasks:

  • Support the establishment of an internal MELIA Working Group, which will have overall responsibility for the design and initiation of the MELIA framework.
  • Review existing MELIA systems from selected CGIAR centers.
  • Consult the One CGIAR Portfolio Performance Unit on the development of an organization-wide set of indicators and the possible emerging 'water-based' metrics that could be included in the IWMI process.
  • Provide strategic guidance and advice to design the MELIA framework, including the development of an organizational theory of change, impact pathways, and defined indicators (aligned with CGIAR indicators).
  • Participate in the development of a MELIA platform/database used for outcome monitoring at organizational, program, and project levels.
  • Based on the 2019-2023 indicator reporting summary and IWMI’s Strategic Plan, advise on a set of indicators.
  • Advise on the organizational structure for effective MELIA management and delivery for the organization.
  • Develop an implementation plan for the MELIA framework.
  • Develop a training module for IWMI researchers in the use of the MELIA framework.
  • Ensure the MELIA framework is operationalized in IWMI’s existing project management and reporting systems.
  • Advise on reporting approaches for annual MELIA reporting and linkages into the IWMI Organizational Performance Framework.
  • Undertake other tasks relevant for the efficient and effective development and operationalization of the MELIA framework.


  • Draft MELIA Framework.
  • Recommendations paper on MELIA database system and organizational structure.
  • Implementation plan for MELIA framework.
  • Summary Training Module for IWMI researchers on the MELIA framework.
  • Finalized MELIA Framework (including organizational theory of change, impact pathways, and defined indicators).




  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics, Water Resources/Engineering, or related disciplines.
  • At least 05 years of work experience in monitoring & evaluation with an organization with a mandate similar to IWMI.


  • Master’s degree in Monitoring and Evaluation, Economics, Water Resources, or related disciplines.
  • Postgraduate or short course on Monitoring and Evaluation.



  • Knowledge of or experience working on international development issues, especially in areas related to IWMI’s mandate.
  • Excellent oral and written language skills in English, including effective listening and strong verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Strong computer skills, including proficiency in using MS Office, and familiarity with web-based platforms.
  • Demonstrated project management skills and the ability to consistently meet deadlines and manage time & work effectively.
  • Professional-level attention to detail, accuracy of work, and ability to multitask.
  • Excellent interpersonal and networking skills, and the ability to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in an additional international language other than English.
  • Knowledge of the CGIAR, its research portfolio, and Centers.
  • Strong research, ideation, and coordination skills.
  • Ability to work independently with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.


This is an internationally/globally hired consultancy; therefore, individuals with relevant abilities from diverse locations around the world are encouraged to apply. IWMI offers a competitive deliverables-based daily rate for this assignment. The duration of the contract will be for a period of four (04) months

HOW TO APPLY: Apply for the position by following the application instructions at We will be accepting expression of interest through 24:00 (IST) on February 27, 2024. To submit an expression of interest, please submit the following,

  • Short cover letter outlining key qualifications, experience, and achievements in the sectors and action areas referenced above. Also this should include contact details of two professional references & Your daily rate in USD.
  • Updated CV / Resume.

IWMI believes that diversity powers our innovation, contributes to our excellence, and is critical for our mission. We offer a multi-cultural, multi-color, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary working environment. We are consciously creating an inclusive organization that reflects our global character and our commitment to gender equity. We, therefore, encourage applicants from all cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, sexes, national or regional origins, ages, disability status, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

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