External Consultant - Safeguarding Practices

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To help develop a suite of Safeguarding Policies in line with international best practices and CGIAR’s draft Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. These policies will include, at minimum, an Anti-Trafficking Policy, a Child Safeguarding Policy, and a Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy, all of which already have full initial drafts. Harassment and Whistleblowing Policies will not be included in this TOR as they are being drafted independently.

The drafts will be based on:

  • An extensive knowledge of and drafting experience with safeguards policies for international organizations and/or international nonprofit organizations.
  • A review of existing relevant policies among CGIAR entities and ethics-related polices and frameworks adopted or drafted by CGIAR. This will include a review and revision of the existing drafts of the key safeguarding policies.
  • Following the creation of drafts, they will be circulated, as coordinated by the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct, with the relevant communities of practice within CGIAR including the people and culture/human resources, risk, internal audit, and legal communities for input.
  • The drafts will be further revised following the consultations above.

Approximately two months. Final implementation would likely be at a later stage and additional input might be sought at that time.


Estimated budget
$10,000. Any taxes would be the sole responsibility of the external consultant.

Report format
The drafts will be presented in Microsoft Word.

Obligations of CGIAR
The CGIAR System Organization will furnish the external consultant with existing implemented and/or drafted policies and contact information for the relevant parties.

Preliminary supporting documentation: Existing drafts of an Anti-Trafficking Policy, a Child Safeguarding Policy, and a Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy.

Interested candidates may send application, cover letter and resume to smo-procurement@cgiar.org. Priority will be given to applications submitted by January 31, 2022 (Midnight Paris time) and the review will continue until the position is filled.

Download the terms of reference

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