C-23-51 Social Scientist, Gender Analysis

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Category: Research and Development


The International Potato Center (CIP) is seeking for one consultant to work under the CGIAR Plant Health Initiative understanding gender and social dimensions of pest and disease management to develop and design technologies to fit with the needs of women and minority users in rural farming communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We look for a senior professional who can conduct field work in rice growing farming communities in Ivory Coast as a pilot case. The consultant will closely work with scientists at Africa-Rice and International Potato Center.
The selected people will be part of a database of professionals who will be hired at different times of the year, according to the demand for work.
• Form a research team to conduct focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews in five contrasting communities from different regions (total 160 farmers for FGDs, and 40 in-depth interviews per community). The number of communities can be reduced depending on the budget
• Review research design and questionnaires and adjust them to fit with the local context
• Train and supervise the team for smooth operation of data collection
• Program regular’s online meetings with CGIAR scientists from Africa Rice and International Potato Center
• Analyze data and write a report with recommendations (a report structure will be guided).
Duties and Deliverables:
1. Final research design including location and timeline with questionnaires (the draft research design will be provided by CGIAR)
2. Final Report (the report structure will be guided by CGIAR)


Qualifications/special skills
• PhD in sociology, anthropology, or related fields.
• Specialization in social science, gender studies, development studies or related.
• Experience in field work experience in rice cropping systems, extension for pest and disease management, and/or gender and social development.
• Eight years of professional experience in similar functions
• Proficient spoken and written English. Fluent in spoken and written in French.
• Knowledge in qualitative methods (Focus group discussions, interviews).
• Solid organizational skill of teamwork, planning and organization, communications, and initiative.


• This consultancy contract is for 3 months within the calendar year.
• The payment is a fixed and consolidated fee.
• The venue for interview will be informed only to the shortlisted candidates.

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