Applications and Nominations for Membership of CGIAR’s Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC)

As the world’s largest global agricultural innovation network working towards a world free of poverty, hunger and environmental degradation, CGIAR is seeking to fill key arising vacancies on the Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC). The ISDC provides rigorous, independent strategic advice to the CGIAR System Council and the CGIAR System. There are opportunities to join this valuable work as the Chair or in one of five member positions that will be appointed to serve on the ISDC in 2019. The appointments will be made to achieve key competencies and diversity required for the Council to carry out its key functions with a forward-looking perspective on the “drivers of the future” and the role of agriculture and related sectors. 

  • Applications and nominations must be submitted by not later than 6pm, local Montpellier, France time on Monday 3 June 2019 via Late applications/ nominations will not be considered.
  • To facilitate on time review, applications/nominations must adhere to the requirements set out indicatively in this Guidance document.
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About the ISDC

The Independent Science for Development Council (‘ISDC’) is an external, impartial standing panel of experts in science and development subject matters (including food systems innovation matters that extend beyond the agricultural sector) with the responsibility of providing rigorous, independent strategic advice to the System Council and the broader CGIAR System as a whole. The ISDC provides its advice within the broader context of CGIAR’s Strategy and Results Framework (‘SRF’), and multi-year CGIAR Business Plans.

The ISDC, through its terms of reference, has a mandate for:

  • Foresight work to inform CGIAR’s longer term research strategy;
  • Horizon scanning to provide analysis on how emerging trends and developments can be taken into account in CGIAR’s work;
  • Priority setting exercises and analyses integrating both ex-post and ex-ante analyses;
  • Guidance for periodic proposal assessment processes; and
  • Other functions, on the strategic direction of CGIAR and the value of its research agenda.

What we are looking for

The ISDC is looking for candidates for:  

A Chair – that will, in addition to having some of the required ISDC Member competencies, be a visionary with global perspective, a dynamic strategic leader with the capacity to develop and lead a panel of global experts, and a relationship builder and constructive contributor; and have strong communication skills and good judgment to balance views.

Members – that have backgrounds, qualifications and experience in one, or ideally a combinations, of the following:

  • Agriculture: Key disciplines or activities related to agriculture and agri-food systems, or to biological sciences that involve the study of life and living organisms, their life cycles, adaptations and environment, covering various sub-fields of biology and biochemistry.
  • Social sciences: Such as anthropology, economics, geography, political science, sociology and specific studies on gender.
  • Development: Academic training in international development or development economics with clear understanding of how research outputs can be translated into outcomes.
  • Innovation, technology and private sector: dynamics of emerging technologies, delivery and social and economic impact.
  • Key cross-cutting topics including health, climate change, nutrition, youth and agripreneurship, big data, and policy and the intersection of the various disciplines.
  • Key methodological areas particularly in areas of foresight, horizon scanning, proposal assessment, theories of change, and data analytics.