Agronomist Consultant

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Ukama Ustawi is an Eastern and Southern Africa regional integrated initiative aimed at transforming the ESA agrifood system to bring sustainable intensification (SI) to maize-mixed systems and crop diversification to de-risk other systems. The project also seeks to a) empower more women and young farmers, agribusiness owners, and value chain actors; b) promote healthier diets; and c) protect the natural environment from further degradation. Systems transformations in this project can diversify not only through cropping systems, but also scaling of agricultural technologies. CIP is implementing this project in Malawi under work package 1 (cropping systems intensification in maize-based system and work package 6 (scaling readiness). It is in this background that the project seeks to hire an experienced consultant to implement both work package 1 and 6 activities in Malawi.


The objective of the consultancy is to:

i) To promote OFSP innovations in collaboration with processors
ii) contribute to the packaging of OFSP innovations
iii) Track performance resulting from scaling activities
iv) Set up demo and experimental plots
v) Distribute OFSP planting material to beneficiary households

In executing this assignment, the consultant will undertake the following specific tasks:

• Implement demo plots/trials
• Produce 5000 bundles of seed for delivery to farmers and selling among each other
• Ensure that 5000 farmers have received OFSP planting material
• Train 20 lead farmers/DVMs in sweetpotato seed production
• Train 10 Extension workers on ware and seed production
• Train 20 health workers on nutrition
• Train 20 school teachers responsible for school feeding program
• Produce 3000 pamphlets with OFSP innovations and shared
• Conduct 4 promotion events
• Facilitate processing training by potential processors and end users
• Facilitate training on product packaging and certification
• Track performance resulting from scaling activities
• Data collection, analysis, and activity/progress reports
• Assist in organizing technical staff training aimed at familiarizing extension staff with the establishment and management of the demo plots
• Lead and/or support the communication, visibilization and reporting of technical activities and outputs


Qualifications/special skills

• MSc. In Agronomy, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences or Economics
• Experience in M & E, Value chain specialist, deep knowledge of sweetpotato crop and its agronomy
• Experience of 10 years plus in the same field
• Computer skills, data analytic skills and report writing in English

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