“With science, we can”: Radio IITA celebrates Children’s Day

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Radio IITA joined the global community in celebrating this year’s Children’s Day event. The day was established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and has been celebrated on different dates in several countries since then. In Nigeria, it is marked on 27 May and observed as a public holiday for children.

The Maiden Radio IITA Annual Children’s Day program with the theme ‘Sustainable future: Youths leading the way’ provided a unique opportunity for students from invited schools to understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of climate change, smart agriculture, biodiversity, and conservation, health and nutrition, plant health, food systems, and security while inspiring them to take action for a sustainable and thriving future.

In her opening remarks, Kathrine Lopez, Head of IITA Communication, welcomed the students and highlighted that IITA-CGIAR’s mission, over the years, continues to generate agricultural innovations to meet Africa’s most pressing challenges of hunger and malnutrition while improving livelihoods. She affirmed that the Radio IITA Annual Children’s Day program is one such platform to share Knowledge generated from IITA’s research, change the mindset of children about agriculture and environmental sustainability, and inspire them to be better leaders in the future.

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