Water impact: When over 15,000 tanks were restored, how did lives of smallholder farmers change?

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Soil, water and socio-economic impact of Telangana state government’s Mission Kakatiya to be assessed by ICRISAT scientists

A unique mission of the state government of Telangana in India, that aims to restore over 46,000 tanks across the state, will now assess the impact it is making. With over 15,000 tanks, restored, the soil, water changes as well as how lives of smallholder farmers have been impacted will be assessed by ICRISAT.

The ‘Mission Kakatiya’ of the Government of Telangana aims to improve minor irrigation infrastructure, strengthening community based irrigation management and with a comprehensive program for restoration of tanks. This scheme aims to restore around 46,531 tanks enumerated by the irrigation department. In Phase 1 and 2 of the project over 15,000 tanks have been restored.

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