Veterinary epidemiologist Delia Grace receives the Peter Ellis ISVEE Award for her work in developing countries

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On 9 August 2022, Delia Grace received the Peter Ellis award for exceptional contributions to veterinary epidemiology during the 22nd International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE), held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Delia Grace is professor of food safety systems at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich and joint-appointed scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute.

The Peter Ellis ISVEE Award for the Application of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics in Development is awarded to a person for activities in veterinary epidemiology and economics carried out in developing countries that contribute to improvements in animal and/or One Health in those countries.

Delia Grace received the award for the many advances she has made in applying her veterinary epidemiology expertise in Africa and Asia, where she has helped to advance animal, human and One Health, the latter of which productively joins up veterinary, medical and environmental expertise.

Specifically, she has focused on better controlling zoonotic diseases as well as human diseases caused by consumption of contaminated livestock-derived and other perishable foods. In these areas, she has advanced understanding of the heavy infectious disease burden that continues to afflict the world’s poorer countries and communities.

Photo credit: ILRI/Delia Grace

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